"The Parallel Pyramid Platform" is a highly aesthetic and witty game show in
which sixteen contestants construct a gigantic pyramid shaped sculpture,
working with and against each other, in order to make it to the top first. A film that explores the friction between the individual versus the collective.
A never-ending universe in which, as the sculpture grows, blue becomes red. How one can only replace the inevitable void by start building.

Directed: Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck
Assistant: Nora Ramakers
Director of Photography: Daniel van Hauten
Art Direction: Emmanuel A. Ryngaert
Produced: Alexander Eichner at Wedovoodo
Supported: MoMu Antwerp, De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, Fashionclash
Prize: Best Emerging Talent at Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival,
Best Sound Design at A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival,
Shortlist Best Experimental Fashion Film at Milan Fashion Film Festival