how i try to achieve several difficult things at the same time




live performance for do disturb festival at palais de tokyo


me, me, me, me, leg, leg, arm, arm, head, torso, foot, foot, hand, hand


in "how I try to achieve several difficult things at the same time" studio dennis vanderbroeck is performing a balancing act together with 14 sculptures referring to his body. on the one hand this body of work questions a rather personal and intimate story. whereas on the other hand this attempt explores the replaceability of vanderbroecks' existence and everything that surrounds him. creating a highly aesthetic and graphical live performance that literally does not exist without the presence of vanderbroeck himself.


live performance, 25 minutes


produced: studio dennis vanderbroeck

performed: marius mensink, stefan jakiela

dressed: bonne suits

thanks: stefan jakiela, palais de tokyo, vittoria mataresse, alice giudicanti, frederik heyman, suze milius, bonne reijn

at: palais de tokyo

image: studio dennis vanderbroeck