dennis for sale




graduation installation at central saint martins


in the continuous performance "dennis for sale" dennis vanderbroeck displays his self-constructed second identity: dennis. seduced by this self-created second selfie, this piece is an attempt to unite dennis vanderbroeck with dennis. with placing the artist on a pedestal, consistently rotating, vanderbroeck is inviting his viewer to be his voyeur. with nothing to hide himself against except the viewers' judge, he is asking to justify his right to exist both as an individual and as an artist. both as dennis vanderbroeck and as dennis. the character of the guard, consistently sitting next to the work, portrays another, perhaps contra, perception on the voyeur: the protecting one. waiting for the moment where dennis, the artist, fails to stay in character and becomes dennis vanderbroeck, the individual. waiting for the moment where personal becomes private. the semi see-through polythene curtain with the taped phrase: "the artist failed to stay in character but will be back soon" blurs the view, separates the spaces and isolates the artist.


thanks: katy howe, susan trangmar, rebecca langebaek, frederik heyman and all the guards

at: degreeshow one central saint martins "granfalloon", float art london

prize: shortlisted float art london